New EP - 1 May 2018

New single available to pre-order at Bandcamp, and soon to be available on all major outlets - Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play and so on.
This Music Is Not For You


To get started, for the last few months I've been attempting to harness my imagination to make music. It's not going too well.

Most of it is boring as hell. For example:

The whole lot are here:


In the quest for random content, I should really be posting uptodate news things. For instance, just this morning there was a shooting at the University of Limerick. But you can actually get all that information if you want from a news website (for Limerick news, I recommend The Limerick Leader) - all this site would be adding would be crap and uninformed opinion.

I may write something in the future about our media consumption, but again, it will be platitudes and twenty year old theorising.


Going for the old format of opinion followed by Links. Today's opinion, or more accurately yesterday's opinion, is that I'm now terrified by the internet. Back in 1997, I'd a friend who would send me disturbing videos that may or may not have been of dead bodies found in jungles in South America or Africa. They were big files for the time, sometimes up to a megabyte in size - about 20 seconds of shaky film.

I told him to stop sending me that shit, I didn't want to see it. To me it seemed to be treated in the same way as pornography - it was to titillate, to fire up some bullshit testosterone fear.

That was a while ago. My friend stopped posting the images and videos to me. Yesterday I went to YouTube. I watched a video of a news report. Beneath was a comment from someone claiming to be an IS supporter. I went to see his recent activity - he'd liked a load of videos with Arabic titles, a few about some cars and one about a cage fighting showdown. I clicked a random title. No warning that I was about to watch a snuff movie. But there you go. Back then, my mate was spending hours trying to find "weird stuff" - the fact that he found things that looked like dead bodies was a sick and wrong bonus. Now you can find horror like that in less than a minute. This makes me very sad and angry.