This is now

New Year. 2020. A new government will walk into the Dail in a few days. Mary Lou could be the first female Taoiseach. We're all just still looking for homes, jobs, music, fun and purpose.

While you're searching, have a listen to some nonsense I made a while back:


This was the past

Time has flown. It's 2019. I've released several Extra Long Play collections of music. I'm making more all the time. Much of it gets made, gets listened to, and is then thrown away or changed as other people tell me it sounds to computer like or too boring or too shite.

But that's not going to stop me making noises and calling it music.

There are other things that are calling my responsibility also. Work is essential to ensure that I don't leave the one I love in a bad position.

May I wish you luck and good fortune in your future, and may it be loud, bright and full of love.