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BANG! The Target:

"To My Readers
Readers, friends, if you turn these pages
Put your prejudices aside
For, really, there's nothing here that's outrageous,
Nothing sick, or bad - or contagious.
Not that I sit here glowing with pride
For my book: all you find is laughter:
That's all the glory my heart is after,
Seeing how sorrow eats you, defeats you.
I'd rather write about laughing than crying,
For laughter makes men human, and courageous.

F. Rabelais (1440-1553?) trans. Burton Raffel - The Works Of Rabelais - Gargantua
©1990 W.W. Norton & Co.


--At the start of summer--
.a trinity
29 years later and nothing had duality, just a pretty pattern.

We Should Take

The piss, time, a drink, our time, psylocibes, liberties, steps, insulin, heart, a leak, too much, hikes, bike rides, boat trips, 'planes, a break, a minute, cannabis, leave of our senses, friends out, coca, people on, blood tests, this, that, an interest, love, the tube, the tow path, the road, the bike, a lighter, a chance.

We Shouldn't Take


--At the end of the summer--

Ceci n'est pas un WebLog

sometimes you just have to let go - © banksy Wow! Clip Art crazy! Been playing with Xara X1 and I like very much. A little like stepping back in time. I've also found that not touching my web site for over a year has left me a little lacking in the skills I once took for granted. Couldn't be arsed to spend bank holiday racking my brains over silly CSS, so after spending most of the summer in discomfort after stupidly breaking my right clavicle, today I will get to carnival before it's too late. Summer's nearly at an end and I'm near fit. Woo hoo!

Wojtek passed me a very useful URL today, one for a project I'd believed dead for some time. The pleasure in being able to see my first forays onto the web was great, but even better was being able to get the style sheet I overwrote last night back... visit I think the last page has been up far too long. Not encouraging a DOS hopefully.

uploaded at 0100 31 August 2005