Non-Sensical Page Title

"Everyone's a jerk. You, me, this jerk."

Happy New Year Intanet people. Not much to say, except that I'm listening to a lot of Lupe Fiasco, that I've not had any psilocybin for about 2 years, my main current concern is colour blindness, that Vista runs fantastically well on my 'old' machine (I can run a virus scan at the same time as using the Creative Suite with no problems (probably more down to configuring the scan correctly this time)!), and a big hooray! for Bending Unit 22 who will return to small screens later this year.

By the way, Lupe Fiasco - any pop artist that refers to Banksy in one of their tunes is on my side...

Just been reading lots of online comics. Don't know why I find comic strips inspirational - reading these home published drops of goodness I remembered how it was when working in the 'Web' business full time, and the almost relentless need to update regularly. The continuation, disruption and evolution of ideas I guess.

"Hey! What kind of party is this? There's no booze and only one hooker."

OK. As of next upload, this web page will start to look a little more professional. What that means: There'll be less of this shit (me rambling), less of the links stuff, more pictures (but, like, professional looking ones - elephants and wildlife, flowers and things, will probably all have to be exterminated in whichever lobe of the brain it is that spends all it's time thinking about that kind of stuff). And probably a contact address.

Am I insinuating that most business people are not going to know how to send an email to a website's mistress/master? Of course not. But hell, this ramshackle body of ego massage is on my damned business card. And is it a good advert? Doubt it.

I don't want to just delete all these pages (there are quite a few that you can't get to from here - and occasionally I'll want an image that's up here somewhere and I've lost the original) so there'll probably be an archive section.

"It's like a party in my mouth, and everyone's throwing up."

So, 6 years of as it's been will be over. No more ludicrous blues, no crappy nonsensical page titles, no ridiculous outpouring of emotional negativity, no dead links, no bandwidth hogging animations, or pictures showing off my desktops, no bellowing about great new music. Any protests to the usual address. You'll just have to live without.

All my love,

Dave xxxx

This is the (valid!) web page of David Santorum and Nuisance Graphics / Fresh Cant Designs in the year of 2008.