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"The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It's people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.
As a precaution to ever committing major crimes of evil it is our solemn duty never to do what we're told, this is the only way we can be sure."

Banksy,  Wall and Piece, 2005

It's Not Over Yet

You can spend years thinking about doing something and never accomplish it or you can just decide one morning to make a change to your life and then consider it the best thing you've ever done. Whichever method it is, making a choice involves a sacrifice of one thing in favour of another. Quite often this has no real consequence on your life - walking to the shops isn't going to be life changing unless you get mown down by a maniac kid in a nicked Honda. But still, that minor choice means forsaking one thing in favour of another.

What do we need to make a choice, what kind of provocation or temptation? Can we ever know the real outcome of our choices in the wider scope of things, especially when others may make their own choice based on what we've done? What happens to the things we decide against?

The time has come for me to step away from my current work and survey the situation with a cool mind and clean pants. I've had so much fun and good times with the people who have been a part of my working life for the last four years that I already regret stepping away from the company. But it depends on how you use the word "company", as a group of people with similar goals or as an entity that pays your wages.

A Few Little Changes

>Log Date: 9 - MARCH - 2006
I've acquired the FreshCants Domain Name and will proceed to move all corporate business there. Currently it just points to this page.

This page will change very little, though may come to house photoshop tutorials if the business comes in to FreshCants

A Virtual World Away From Here

John Smith will be playing a gig at The Troubador in Earl's Court, London next week - hear his music on his web page. Honourable mentions to Paolo Messina and The Army Of Tomorrow. If you haven't got it yet, get Firefox now. A big thank you to all the creative staff at The Studio for their support over the years, and a special thank you to everyone who let me play my tunes all day - Niall, Shair, Ciara, Georgi, Mercy, David Spowart, Pav, Mat, Martin, Gautam, Tom, Hisam, Frank, Karin, Cat, Tina, Nads, Lucy, Kat, Sara, Diane, Zoe, Jax, Rich, Johns Dawson and McShane, Mark, Craig and Vicky (and the hundreds of others). Without you lot I wouldn't have lasted as long - see you at the Christmas party ;-)

They're All Barmy!

Quantum physicists, that is. Read an excellent interview with Anton Zeilinger discussing teleportation successes and the importance of choice in the way our world surrounds us. Full of excellent information and questions: typical quote: "I maintain: it is so random that not even God knows the answer." (original emphasis).

After reading that article I got to wondering about chaos and amplification of the effects of choices. When I try to think about the implications of this kind of physics on our views of the world, I start to feel a little bit queasy.

"When the time comes to leave, just walk away quietly and don't make a fuss"
Banksy, Wall and Piece, 2004

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