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Photoshop Tutorials

Everybody can learn to use Photoshop, especially with someone else's help, it's just that people's uses of this fine bitmap editing application vary so hugely that when you are trying to find a guide to help you, chances are the methodology of the writer will be completely different from yours.

I have decided to write a couple of guides to my favourite parts of Photoshop - the parts that I use every time I fire it up. They're tools in the way that guidelines are tools. We start with 'The Wonders Of The Alt key' where I cover the use of the Alt key to speed up Curve, Filter, Levels and Hue/Saturation dialogues.
These are the kind of things everybody who uses Photoshop should already know, expecially as they're only really useful if you know the keyboard shortcuts to get to the dialogues (ctrl or apple M, F, L and U respectively!). The little tricks mentioned here have been shown in books and tutorials on the net and take seconds to explain. You'll also find them in The Photoshop Users Manual, though the sheer volume of information that the manual contains puts a lot of people off reading it all the way through.

The 'Tutorials' take the form of a list of uses of the shortcut - it's up to you how you use them. Think of it more as a guidebook - have a look around, play in the area, that kind of thing. Some people use the Curves short cuts for colour adjustments, others use Levels, so when things get specific, it will be clearly indicated.

Get the First Tutorial or Guidebook here, Tutorial - The Wonders Of The Alt Key

A Few Little Changes

>LOG - 12 APRIL 2006
Updated these pages and added the tutorial.

I think I can see myself heading back into a non-working state rather too rapidly and the plans I'm making now are those I should have started whilst still employed. A little bit worrying, but I still find time to occasionally think "If this isn't great, I don't know what is..."

Wow. Sol Campbell starts tonight at Fratton Park. One to watch.

What's Out There Today?

It's good to see old hands stll making things right - Peter Gaunt's Website. Also on the menu is

Where Is It?

Hard question, "Where is it?" We could ignore the "is" and the "it". Right now I'm looking for the Holy Grail. I'm pretty close, I think. Just asking the question should take us to new places. The web tells me it's with Jesus (a church homepage, but I'm definitely not looking for that).

OK, forget the Grail. It's not over there. Have you set up a MySpace page yet? I did, at the start of the year, and haven't really done anything to it since Murdcoh and News Corp got involved. Bizarrely, heard a Radio 1 DJ talking about her 'addiction' to MySpace late at night. And it is a lovely world where communities appear to be growing, people are making friends and keeping contact, yet there is a very worrying side to it. With the number of users, sites like The Dead Kids Of MySpace provide a useful idea of parts of it that people tend to ignore. Finding myself in certain of the people listed's 'Extended Network Of Friends' was as far from the truth as I'd like to get.

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