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The hits:

Juan Versus Derrick at Lost Easter Sunday / Jeff Mills and The Rotters Golf Club's weekend retreat at Homelands or Phil Collins at Buckingham Palace? / Joi - Desert Storm - 11 years old and still speaking for itself / Roy Ayers at Ronnie Scott's on Easter Satyrday - the man is a giant! / A welcome return from GuilFin and MI5 with "Something For The Weekend" / Hare Krishnas at Tottenham Court Road yesterday (and that big flapping golden pigeon) / ...and all those funk attitude bass lines everyone hears before they fall asleep.



Cycling is making me a very weary but overall highly strengthened individual. Early nights and early mornings have become the norm. I can no longer pinch a half inch of fat on my legs. My reaction times, I don't know. The Rider's Digest (£2.75, or free to riders) depicts despatch riders as subtly loaded adrenaline junkies, and Lois Fast-Lane (definitely they're star writer!) suggests that reaction are generally quick while in "work" mode. My concern is that reactions can never be quick enough. I hit a cyclist on Friday last week at a set of traffic lights. It was very confusing because although I'd taken off early, as soon as the light hit RedAmber, and hurtled into the front wheel of a cyclist travelling at right angles to me, none of the traffic that had become so rapidly behind me actually moved. They just stared at me like I was mad. Had they seen this person? Had I gone completely mad? Had the lights not changed?

"Hello, Pilgrim!"

@Everybody has certain set paths around the internet. Your browser's homepage, especially when it's out of your control, illustrates this magnificently. The employer sees the default browser page as their portal to the outside world. It reminds the user of their purpose in that space, and promotes remaining within the bounds provided.

Those who set their own default page are also setting themselves on a path to somewhere (no pun intended). Pointing your browser every time it loads to a site you are comfortable with, that allows you to move on to other areas of the web, should surely be paramount. However, I'm curious about two things. The first is which URL people have as their default home page. I now have Google due to the very low bandwidth images and sparse content - Altavista, apart from gradually worse search results, just took too long to load, and now moves the cursor to the search box! Which leads me to my second query. Once I've loaded the browser and the default homepage is there waiting for me to use, 90% of the time I just start typing in another URL - I follow my set patterns. I visit a series of sites that provide information I want. How long does the average person spend on the page they define as their @homepage?

Would my life be easier if I just set the BBC/Met Office as my homepage? Or should I set up one big variably framed page on my PC which holds Doonesbury in one corner, the BBC in another, Fortean Times in the bottom left and Google bottom right?

They just sat there while I apologised to the other cyclist, extricated my front wheel from his, got off my bike, got off the road thinking I was going to be in the way of oncoming traffic and stood there trying to regain my sanity. When I looked again at the lights they were Red. I was confused. I classify Traffic Wardens on a par with taxi drivers, but with worse uniforms. Most are decent people but there are a few complete sandpaper masturbating faeces dumping idiots that tend to colour your view of the whole. I owe it to the one who was standing next to me as I tried to regain my composure and legs, gently laughing like I'd made his day, for pointing out that I'd not jumped the lights, and that the other cyclist should have stopped.

However, that doesn't really help. Nor does it help when people step into traffic staring off into the middle distance, far off to their left. GENITALIA!!!!! (We drive on the LEFT HANDSIDE, for Petra's sake! Except on one way streets, of course, where absolutely anywhere is permitted.) But the thing is, it's very easy to do. And it may be that there are only a certain number of things that good reactions can cover. This not being one of them (Fortunately, a warm bath revitalizes the areas concerned, for me, and I haven't noticed any problems getting a hard on. Not that one has been necessary.)

Anyway, enough of that boring tripe - astute users may have noticed a change in IP and the death of the domain. Don't worry, nothing's really happening, it's just the graphics aren't a nuisance anymore, they're a godsend.


Lost. Homelands do it again. The weather page that doesn't want to be in frames. The homepage of future generations with 21" screens (WARNING - can cause browser failure). Daevid Allen gets all wierd. Again. Is it that professional musicians just have too much spare time? Really constructive use of time can be seen here. Perhaps Cyc is really Control in another guise? Trying to map the mind - a bizarre thing to try to do when we know we can barely use all of it. Or perhaps a little techno geography lesson... Some very sad people think Star Wars matters (bit of a spoiler, and there's only a month to go...). Cycling in London - I'm considering teaching people how to cycle - the money is good and it'd mean time to work on the computer experiments I have planned. According to Boback, you just need to kit people out with a helmet and testes the size of tanks. A no war day for the US? Altogether now... aaaaaaa-hhhhhhhhh. Ferret Therapy. More bike trash - Hooray for Canadians!

If you require further information or guidance, tell me why.