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SEPTEMBER 2002 Personal thoughts - without much thinking. << ....

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I've been accused of not thinking much, about anything. This is possibly smoker's apathy, though cutting out nicotine hasn't really helped. So this will be a "notebook" to the "scrapbook" that is the homepage. Whereas the homepage will be gentle with emotions and ideas, hopefully allowing a few to sink in, here it may make no sense at all. 10 minutes worth of garbage.

Thoughts: Death, tragedy, friendship, betrayal, work, Americans, Canadians, nicotine, £3 minimums, London post codes, children, gangsta rap, gangsta rap written by children, money, 30 miles a day, 30 years old, hypoglycemia, loss, travel, departure.

I find myself thinking more about the 30 miles a day and the gangsta rap than those things that are current - the death, tragedy and friendship thing. London postcodes are in alphabetical sequence, outside of the Central London area, by the way (hence E8 is Hackney and E9 is Homerton - with E1 being Whitechapel). Fascinating. Also, concern if paths chosen, and some paths that were burnt into brain, some over a fraction of a second others over years, were correct.

Survival. Choir boys (I got my hair cut) and raves - considering celebrating future significant birthdays (40, 48 and 60) several years ahead of schedule. Also thinking about papier mache, and the annoyance that I am still without work. Fark is keeping up my photoshop pen tool and lighting effects skills, but less and less time will be devoted to it.

Will this site survive? Does it need to?

Hm, well it's going to for another couple of years at least ;o) I am making subtle changes to the interface, the finished product should be with you by close of play, 7-4-2002.


Hell, it was more like 50 miles a day and £2.50 minimums. Two months on the road, and hypoglycemia took it's toll. Got a better job. Back in print (hooray and yippeee!) and dealing with crashing print queues, bad spelling and changing briefs (boo and hiss!). Deadlines will hopefully be more realistic once we have a PC that works (though the crash, reboot, reprint formula is now second nature).

Cycling for survival, and barely surviving, has done wonders for my calfs (I don't think I have any calves) and so now have the energy to get drunk in the evenings. Actually working longer hours, but deriving some pleasure from passing lycrad office workers killing themselves on "London hills" on the way home. A lower gear, perhaps? It's terrible seeing these people on expensive 21 gear bikes, and just using at most two of those gears. Even more terrible to see the way they rush in front at traffic lights, get into the correct starting position, then wobble like arses as they struggle to make themselves and the bicycle move in 20th gear. Get a comfier seat - you don't have to get off the saddle each time you start up.

Having said that, my next bike (if I'm still in London) will have a single front chainwheel and at most 7 sprockets (cogs). No hill around here requires the number of gears you're offered by the majority of cheap bikes on the streets. The test would be Crouch Hill, but have had no reason to go anywhere near there for some time. Taking it mushroom hunting (and that delightful Welham Green to Potters Bar mud/rut/woods run) could prove a little tricky. Well, I can always get off and walk. I'm not that proud ;)


I just feel pissed off that I don't have an income. Things seem to be oscillating desperately between good and bad that I don't know what's coming next. It can't really get worse, though, so that keeps me happy.



More of em... Forensic Entymology - thanks silas, EUREKA? Hilarious cover shot from Private Eye - Blair and that grin. Is this a joke? Or just kid's doing the nerd - some interesting articles and atrocious spelling. Still on the vigilance front there is always CapAlert - you won't believe how good it is. And something for everyone.

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