In My Sleep
wishing it was always a blank slate
or wishing it was Tuesday
. .   . .. .... . ... .... ..
Can we just forget the history and start again?

2004 A year of major changes.

Slap it around a bit...

"She hung up and I set out the Chess board. I filled a pipe, paraded the chessmen, and inspected them for French shaves and loose buttons, and played a championship tournament game between Gortchakoff and Meninkin, seventy-two moves to a draw, a prize specimen of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, a battle without armour, a war without blood, and as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you could find anywhere outside an advertising agency."

Raymond Chandler - the long good-bye

Niall, booze, Amsterdam and those fking mad lights

Jam on it...

Last page is here. There has definitely been a lack of trailing spaces recently on this website. Will it get renewed? Soon as I post the cheque. Strangely useful things Google will find for you - look at the related results on this one - for Van Morrison fans. Amazing what the septics'll dream up (Terry Jones was on the BBC recently talking about how many monks the worst of Europe's mediaeval leaders required to keep them out of hell - with 2.3million slightly stupid Americans praying for him, the cone-nosed crusader could murder every first born for the next couple of years and still end up in his idea of heaven. But not Dave Doyle's, I suspect). I blame my use of xenophobic vaguely east end rhyming slang (partly) on Dom. Great stuff.

Coming Soon!

The problem with translating foreign jokes. The punchline it should have had was "..because we're fking everywhere!"

* Overly Religious Interlude *

While scanning logs, came across this on a website in the states:

Money is great, but more important are: memories, friends, fun times, free time, exciting events, afternoons off, lower stress, time to plan activities that no one else has time for, time to pursue interests, to learn to play the piano, to stay in touch with friends, to try your hand at paining and to enjoy life. Tell you what; DON'T go for that promotion. Take the time you'd work late at the office and do this:

This sounds like a lot, but guess what? I'll bet you can do ALL of them in 10 hours a week. How often have you worked this much overtime? Make this part of your schedule.

Read The Entire Dave Belief System here.

I could live over there in some comfort

Then realise she's already left the room

No fannying about this time. I need a new car. Flers and picklebatchers, blooming in hazy morning sunlight. Daffodils in early dew. Living on a hill means that we get snow when the rest of the capital is enjoying bright sunshine. I still love it here but it's a big place and easy to get lost in.
Lots of love to you all

uploaded at 0900 5 March 2004