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all you'll ever need to know is the domain name, this is a branch of Nuisance Graphics, a design group composed of several identities. This site was originally intended as a personal portal - hence the monthly updates and the often silly URLs.

Because each page is a snapshot of time, and emotion felt at that time, links may occasionally be out of date - however, they will not be updated.

The content of this site is generally simple, deviant and composed of stuff that is not up to the exacting standards of Nuisance Graphics. It is primarily for enjoyment, and should offer a couple of minutes of respite to web-weary souls.

Please let us know how you're feeling, and whether you'd just rather not know.

All graphics, design and text are copyright 2001.

David Santorum Crespo asserts the moral right to be recognised as the author of this website. Others involved in single projects retain their rights in similar fashion.