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April/May 2002
Benz = idiot(behind.the.wheel)



It's hard to control our minds when we have so many inputs, so much stimulation. Our sight alone offers new vantage points on our surroundings. It is also the primary sense that can lead us into trouble. Of course, trouble is a subjective thing but if we ignore certain stimuli, or spend a little too long thinking about others we could end up with serious social problems.

The way to circumvent this is to look anew at everything.

So, next time you're stood at a bus stop, let your imagination stroll, your fingers thrum, your teeth chatter and your eyes wander, but mind that your attention doesn't hook itself for too long a time on other people's "private" parts...

Or else you'll look like the letch you really are.


"Only Lobsack, who appeared on the meadow followed by a long brown train of party dignitaries, Forster, Greiser, Rauschning, and others, whose passage to the rostrum was blocked by the crowd, stood there fuming and surprisingly disgruntled by my three-quarter time. He was used to being escorted to the rostrum by rectilinear march music. These frivolous sounds shook his faith in the people. Through the knothole I observed his sufferings. A draught was blowing through the hole. Though threatened with an inflammation of the eye, I felt sorry for him and changed over to a Charleston: "Jimmy the Tiger". I took up the rhythm Bebra the clown had drummed up on empty seltzer siphons; but the young troopers out front didn't dig the Charleston. They belonged to a different generation."

Gunter Grass, The Tin Drum, 1959

Resistance through syncopation. Some explanation of the above may be necessary. The narrator is a pre-teen Oskar, hiding beneath the rostrum at a Nazi party rally. Using a ubiquitous tin drum, and the happy good fortune of a live microphone directly above him, he forces social mutation through people's hearing. A beautiful image, as it shows how our hearing, our most basic sense, is tapped into rhythm, before shouting voices and electric squawks. The brain's five hearing receptors are perfectly pentagrammed to make us want to move for joy.

Buy/Borrow this book - it's hefty and florid, only slightly less twisted than The Wasp Factory (Iain Banks) but twice as beautiful.


Another change in lifestyle approaching. Never become a push bike courier (£3.70 for a W1 to E8 drop? F*ck that for the hoard of rabbit droppings it is). However, weather sites are always useful, especially when they disagree. The new lifestyle mentionned will involve quite a splash of this - um, get me a bucket for my drool. As Jackass proves how popular stupidity can be, the less fortunate are willing to become more stupid.. and if you ever wondered how thick some teachers can be, look no further... Nothing is black and white, except that cat, or is it steak? Read about the Vinge Singularity - communications theory and AI IA.

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