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MARCH ii 2002
Less swearing, goddamnit
new sense


"there's nothing going on but history"

March ii update: 04132002

Just total itThe ability and desire to change our environment can be overwhelming sometimes. It may not be the right thing to do, but seeing expression always makes me smile.

Anyone from Adam and Eve to Shaggy has the right to express themselves in a manner they enjoy. The current graffiti trends in London put me in mind of the graffiti covering the walls in the Tower of London - and the revolutionary nature of public sloganeering, as illustrated in "The Life of Brian".

The fact that the West End is nearly clean of graffiti shows how effective CCTV operation is, and it probably won't be long before Hackney and Old Street go the same way. It's also a bit difficult to get your stencils out on a crowded street at 2am

Keeping our eyes open for youBasically, it comes down to two things. The first is being noticed. The second is escape.


Lost. Homelands do it again. The weather page that doesn't want to be in frames. The homepage of future generations with 21" screens (WARNING - can cause browser failure). Daevid Allen gets all wierd. Again. Is it that professional musicians just have too much spare time? Really constructive use of time can be seen here. Perhaps Cyc is really Control in another guise? Trying to map the mind - a bizarre thing to try to do when we know we can barely use all of it. Or perhaps a little techno geography lesson... Some very sad people think Star Wars matters (bit of a spoiler, and there's only a month to go...). Cycling in London - I'm considering teaching people how to cycle - the money is good and it'd mean time to work on the computer experiments I have planned. According to Boback, you just need to kit people out with a helmet and testes the size of tanks. A no war day for the US? Altogether now... aaaaaaa-hhhhhhhhh. Ferret Therapy. More bike trash - Hooray for Canadians!

If you require further information or guidance, tell me why.