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Sept 2002
Autumn Colours

Just for you, London...

There's gold in them thar hills - Photo (c) 2002 Standring

All consuming love (c) 2002Stencilling the capital

A big "THANK YOU!" to Jeff Mills for a superb performance at Lost, August 25th 2002. He looked like he enjoyed himself.

The BIG up

It's almost the end of the English summer, and my birthday is incoming. The "no party" issue isn't too bad - thanks to MK's shindig on the 14th!. I envy G celebrating his 30th a week early. Good to get it out of the way. So "Happy Birthday" to Gav, Mim, Mondana, Ads, Via, Kirst and (Go-Go) Harrison Wilde.

Lots of love


Poll Results

With 5 responses (right on the closing date!) last month's question of the month was the second most popular yet. The results of the question "What is your ideal job?" are as follows:

Surprisingly, there were no votes for crack whore, politician or bicycle courier ("The best job in the world, mate"). Comparing the results to a previous poll I think we can see a corrolation.


The future of home interaction - Ambient Devices; The future in Afghanistan; Bizarre wierdo creatives enjoy a beer too many; Home to deviant web design and useful stuff -; And is this the best way to inform other users when you've dumped yo' data? A very good article on what cyborgs are really about.

If you require further information or guidance, tell me why.