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October 2002
Summer Skies / New XHTML / ALL NEW CSS / Autumn Fires

"It's not the worst I've looked...

It's just the most I've ever cared."

Clouds Over Blacktop Mountain, Co. Limerick, Eire

Good music, good people, beautiful land, large amounts of water.

Nights are getting longer, the wind is cold and from the North and the East. My sister and I escaped to a place where the squeal of brakes and groan of combustion cannot be heard. You could read it like a book of geology, if you knew the details of the lettering. Red rainbow grasses warned of bogs, black veins of safety and multitudes of mosses told of acid and fertility. And at the peak, a generator and communications tower.

Nearby is a triangulation point and further on, a cairn, cosy and modern looking. It's now October, 2002. Everything is well with the world. There are troubles in Ireland, Palestine, Iraq, Russia, Chechnya, the East Indies and Australasia. My problems with my previous employer still exist, I wait for a wage slip while my finger dials the inland revenue. Beyond that lies the continuing struggle for meaningful, no, paying, work.

I must point out that at this moment I am gradually coming to appreciate Howard De Walden Estates and their decision to evict Prontaprint Marylebone. I still need a job, but hell, every cloud has a silver lining (see image).

Now the only thing that concerns me is how ill I am after receiving a 'flu jab the week before last. A consolation is that long hours of sleep and doing very little are the only cure.


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Q. Where can I find 100% magic bullsh*t on the web? A. At Grant Morrison dot com, of course!
Real artist web sites don't bother with www any more - see PlanetBond and Damien Hirst (diy!) Other entertainment includes The Joy of Baking, New York Public Library, and top Team Satan.