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JANUARY 2002 Under achievement hurts << ....



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KILLING ALIENS IS BAD (and far too easy)

This game will do nothing that you want it to do, and is merely an exercise in learning the limits of your technology. Avoid the alien space munchers and learn to live in peace with this strange race that wants nothing more than to descend to the bottom of your screen. You need to charge your weapon each time you use it, and once you've played the thing, just close the window.

Shoot them before they learn to shoot you back (34K Flash 5)


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DYNAMISM and it's relationships.

hang on!
Mia! Little Miss by Fi and RobAs fresh as a new born babe we hit the new year - ready for anything but focused on singular purpose.


Nuisance Graphics wish all friends, clients and strangers a joyful new year. We will shortly be switching to the Common Era time scale, though the past will get confusing when it happens twice on the same day and the birds start roosting in Martha's shed.


New Year Fallout

..oh, and give up smoking


New Year's Resolutions

  • Prepare a single page of 2001 which can be accessed and navigated by any browser.
  • DONE! 2001 is now split into two pages, working backwards from December. These pages are quite large but require no javascript support. Click here to launch.
  • Make all subsequent additions to these pages easily accessible.
  • Everything nearly done wrt CSS and colour scheme. Flash is now Flash4 until 95% of users upgrade. Of course, this little rule will be disregarded as soon as we learn some funky new version 6 trick...


Plan and improve your eternal future here.... Value your freedom. Take a trip through other people's madness while working out the details for your next show. Or alternatively learn about Genesis and Phil Collins. Or not. Hey, Phil, you reading this? Maybe you can afford some real 'art'. Next week, Watch Mr. Collins Burn A Million Euros.

If you require further information or guidance, tell me why.