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Launch yourself.

Been humming this tune by Adem for almost a year now. I still like it.

Niall got me thinking about the old days of web design as DJKATO finally went live. I'd just read a Reader's Digest compendium of crime stories which included "Fatal Error", or at least that's what I think it was called, about the heady days of boom and bust for internet startups at the turn of the century. Anyway, the book kind of ends badly, so I'll just forget about that (lots of people died, which I don't recall happening in my real life). I was encouraging Niall to have a massive party and launch it at that, but a pint of Guiness did just fine in the end.

The announcement that was now live caused me to log in to Facebook. Unfortunately I couldn't reply to the announcement without sending my message to 97 more people than it needed to go to. So I pottered about my facebook pages, and spotted a video that had been sent to me by someone I trust. The icon for the movie was a photo of a young lady with a very low cut top on.

The lass is called "Sania" and she basically introduces some young chaps who have been dealing with ISPs to recreate the internet. Unfortunately she then seems to disappear for the rest of the movie. I was suckered in by big tits and then the non-diogesic music playing through the film. They say the net will end in 2012 when ISPs all start 'using the same thing' to reduce the amount of bandwidth available to access smaller non-corporate websites. The video is here - the URL should tell you it's a joke. There is no mention of the tools that will have to be rewritten to allow this - Mozilla, Safari, Opera, IE, HTTP and so on perhaps? And none of the kids in the video probably remember AOL and it's misfortunes (keyword:theywereshite). But! But it seems that there are people out there who believe this, and who have never used an ftp client before, so don't actually know how the net works. I don't know how it works, but I know that if my ISP goes down, my site is still there. Here. Whatever - deal with it monkeys.

At the start of the year I was writing about how I was going to tidy this place up. It's still a mess, but it's easier for me this way. It's 1ish am and working tomorrow, so don't want to do a Pucilowski and stay up till 5 completely redesigning it. Me not being Wojtek means that it'd probably look quite bad.

Oh, you mean that one!

There seems to be a lot of synchronicity in the books I'm reading (references to African spiritualities and importance of twins in American Gods by Neil Gaiman, with a similar importance attached in 'voodoo' spirituality in the rather disturbing starter novel of that Reader's Digest compilation). Totally unconnected with this was the wierdness of Jehovah's Witnesses on the doorstep this morning asking if I had a place for God in me. I told them it was there already. They said they'd call back, so a copy of The Watchtower is my reading tonight. The young lady told me not to work too hard so I've been following her advice religiously all day, but I'm still tired. It's now 2.30, so better do something about sleep. I'll tidy this up soon!

So off to bed, hopefully wake up with time tomorrow morning.

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